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How to Change the Photo's Number in Creating Collage?


Change collage photo number - Allowing users to create photo collages with different number of photos is the basic and important feature that any photo collage creator brings. It enables people to combine as many photos as they like when they create photo collages. Either Collage Maker for Windows or PicCollage, an excellent photo collage creator for Mac, provides a fairy simple way to create photo collages.

You can first download the free trial on Collage Maker for Windows or PicCollage according to operation system.

Free download Collage Maker for Window http://www.softease.biz/downloads/collagemaker_setup.exe

Download PicCollage

How to change photo number when using Collage Maker to create a collage?

How to change photo number in creating collage? We would like to find a way that allows us to create photo collage with as many photos as we want to include in the photo collage. I will skill the step by step to create a photo collage, but emphasize how to set photos number for collage.

When you run the photo collage creator, it automatically access to the default tab "Style". There are five photo collage layouts that you can use to create a photo collage.

For Grid collage

Since grid collage can be divided into col and row, so the total number of photos you need to include in your photo collage can be calculated by multiplying row and col. Click the arrows "photo collag arrow" to increase or reduce the number. If the amount is quite large, you can directly put a number. At the same time, you will notice the change has been applied to the main window.

Create a photo collage

For Classic collage, Free Style collage, Circular collage and Heart collage

The other four types of collages are not as regular as grid collage. So just directly put the number in "Num" to change collage photo number when you create a photo collage.

change photo collage number

1. This defaults amount for creating a photo collage is 20 in all photo collage layouts..
2. Actually, what you add to the window are blank photo collage frames.
3. You can change the collage photo number any time when you are creating collage.

Universal way to add photo or delete photo

The photo collage creator provides a universal way to add / remove photo, in which way you can also change collage photo number. If you wish to add photo, click "add photo" or "delete photo" to delete photo under the tab "Photo". It is a universal way to change photo number when you create photo collage in the provided five templates.

add or delete photos from photo collage

For the mac photo collage creator, PicCollage, the way to change photo number in creating collage is quite similar to that in the Windows version.

change photo number for collage

If you want to use photo collage creator to create a photo collage, you can directly go to How to Make Picture Collage, How to make collage on Mac

Now you see how change collage photo number. You can create your own photo collage with multiple photos. Just do it and enjoy.

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