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How to Apply Shadow to a Picture Collage


Apply shadow to a picture collage - Do you know that a photo collage can be applied shadow effect? There are many collage photo software, like Collage Maker that can transfer photos into a photo collage with photos in shadow. With the collage photo software, you can easily make collage photos in shadow. That is definitely a cool way to make interesting photo collage.

How to apply shadow to collage photo?

To begin with, free download the collage photo software. For Windows users, you can get Collage Maker for Windows here:free download collage photo software

PicCollage is for Mac users: free download collage photo software

In the post How to Change Photo Number in Creating Collage, I show you how to make a photo collage with photos as many as you want, and How to Add Text for Collage is talking about how to post a text on a picture collage, as for changing picture of a collage background, How to Make Collage Background gives detailed information. As always, I will show you how to apply shadow to a picture collage.

As these are about tips on how to apply shadow on photo collage, so I will skip the whole steps from the start of making a photo collage and go to the step of making collage photos in shadow.

Step1. Apply shadow to collage photo

Click the tab "Photo" at the menu bar upside of the collage photo software to switch to photo setting panel. And then tick the radio button in front of "Shadow". You can see the shadow has been automatically applied to the photos.

add shadow on picture of a collage

Step2. Adjust photo collage shadow

Drag the slide bar of Offset X or Offset Y to adjust the shadow spaces on X and Y. The collage photo software allows to adjust the shadow distance by dragging Offset X and Offset Y slide bar.

adjust collage shadow offset

Step3. Change collage photo shadow color

The most highlight feature that makes the Collage Maker different with other collage photo software is the ability to change photos color of shadow. Click "Shadow Color" and pick a color from the pup-down window to your photo collage.

Now you can compare a photo collage in shadow with those without shadow. Which one do you like? You can also make a photo collage with shadow by using this easy to use collage photo software. Make something special and try to grab people's attention with a collage photo in shadow.

You can refer to the Collage Maker for Windows Online Help for more tips.

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