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How to Add Text for Collage


Add text for collage - When I make a picture collage, I also want to do something unique. So it makes sense why the developer of the photo collage creator named PicCollage designs the feature of text on collage. It lets users write something personal to make a picture collage stand out and unique by adding text for collage.

I will show you how to add text for collage with the picture collage creator. If you want to know how your photo collage will be with text on collage, you can download the photo collage creator and follow my steps.

free try to make a collage

This article is all about how to add text on collage. So I will skip the steps of turning photo into collage and start right from adding collage text.

Step1. Tab the button "Text" to access text board

Click "add text on collage" to get ready to add collage text. Think about what the collage is about. Were they about a trip to countryside or your birthday party? Then come up with the words you want to add on the collage.

Step2. Put collage text on in the text box

Type the text for collage on the left side. At the same time, what you write also appears on the main window. Take the case for example. It is a collage for cute babies. So I decide to type "When I was a child" "Now I grow up".

type text for collage

Step3. Change text styles

With the picture collage creator, you can freely change color, size and decide the font of text for collage. There is a large number of text styles provided to add on the collage text.

collage collage text style

Besides, the picture collage creator allows users to add shadow for text on collage with color. By setting shadow for text on collage, you can select opacity, offset X / Y.

These are the whole steps to add collage text. Put your special and unique sign for your collage. It will make your collage look personalized.

text for collage

Now download and have a try PicCollage free try on picture collage maker

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