Top 10 Pictures That Shocked The World

It has often been said throughout time that a picture is worth a thousand words. Any picture may be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare photos tell more than a thousand words. That is why crazy photographers insist doing one thing – to capture the most beautiful and thoughtful photos. Nice photos can tell a powerful story, a story poignant enough to change the world and galvanize each of us. Over and over again…

I believe there are must something that hold your breath and surprise you. Here is my top 10 list of photos that shocked the world. It’s impossible to include all of the best photos in one gallery, but these image offer a fantastic glimpse of such beautiful world in pictures.

10. Obama Jokingly Mimics U.S

9. Sailing On The Wave

8. Einstein With His Tongue Out

7. After the Storm

6. Sunset Cloud

5. The Kiss

4. The Girl On The Beach

3.  Tornado Is Coming

2. The Moment Penguin Dives In A Pool

1. Life In The Water

What are your top 10 pictures?

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