Run iGreetingCard – Make Fashion Poster!

I don’t know what you think when you see a beautiful and fashion poster on a magazine or in the store window. The poster made in a special effect tells the draft purpuse it wants people know what it exactly express. For example, Elle magazine always posts a special and unique cover. The first time you look at it, you will be impressed!

Do you want to make such attractive poster? Or do you want to make your own fashion poster? Personally, everytime when I see a poster on the store window I would stop and look it for a quite while, wondering what the poster is trying to express, what the fashion style is currently. Yet, maybe a though frashes my mind. Can I make a beautiful poster like this?

After having been tried many ways, I find an easy and quite simple way to make special poster. All I need is an app, iGreetingCard. Sounds it is only an app for greeting card making. But, I will show you how to use iGreetingCard (Free to get the app) to make fashion style poster.

First, choose a template you wish to make the poster. I take this one as below:

Now you are making a holiday greeting card, so delete the element and add other frames or embellishments. You must have the clear idea what style you want the poster express.

Second, drag the photos you want to make into poster. Resize and rotate the photos to suit the layout. Typing the words as the message you want this poster convey.

Last, print out or share it on Facebook and Flickr directly. Send it to friends and asking how they feel the poster. Maybe what you most receive is inquiring how you make this amazing poster!

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