CollageFactory Pro Review from AppStorm – Creating Beautiful Collages with CollageFactory Pro

Yes, the internet provides us most of the information we need from study to our life. You can get help and find the answer on the web.  Thanks for some useful resource websites, we can learn and solve our puzzle. Mac AppStorm is one of these website which is a great platform providing useful tips and ticks for Mac users. It also find excellent apps and give them reviews.

Recently, CollageFactory Pro was reviewed by AppStorm. It is designed to make greeting card and photo collage with a large number of well-designed templates. It allows users to make personal holiday greeting cards on special events for friends and family. Also, it is possible to turn best photos into collages.

Here are parts of the review  – Creating Beautiful Collages with CollageFactory Pro

If you are into that kind of creative endeavors, today we have a nice app that you may be interested in. This app known as CollageFactory Pro will get you started with creating collages and greeting cards with ease.

CollageFactory Pro is all about creating scrapbooks, posters, greeting cards, and collages with ease. With over 100 greeting card templates, over 50 collage templates, and a easy-to-use editing tools, you can start creating elaborate designs without ever needing to rely on any other application.

When creating cards, you have the ability to drop some stylized frames, maskable objects, and clipart to your project which allows you to customize your card even more. Of course you can always Google up something you can’t find and drag it onto your canvas and you’ll be set, but it is nice to have these bits available.

CollageFactory Pro can be really fun and essential for someone who enjoys making greeting cards, collages and scrapbooks. The fact that you can get this app and know how to use it by just playing around with it for a few seconds makes it the perfect family app, too.

View the full review, you can click here



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Two Ways to Make Photo Collage, Pick one!

When taling about collage, we normally think of there are many pictures pieling up in a piece of paper which we call “Collage”. However, if you think collage is just a work of gathering stuffs, you properly not catch the point of what funny collage is.

Today, we are going to discuss how to turn photos into collages. So I will provide two ways to make photo collage. Both of the them are quite easily understood. Let us begin.

NO1. Use a single photo and devide it into several parts of photo.
We’re going to learn how to take a single photograph and turn it into a collage of polaroids, with each polaroid containing a small section of the overall image. This is a very easy photo collage effect to create, but also it requires a bit skill and exprerience with the tool of PhotoShop.

Here is the tutorial from the web:

And the final result can be like this:

NO2. Turn multiple photos into one photo collage
It is more common to turn couples of photos into a  collage, which is also easier than the previous one. There are many collage makers out there to help make digital photo collage. Some of them are free and excellent, like CollageFactory Express is one of them. Come with three collage layouts, including Class, Grid and Free Style, along with over 30 collage templates, besides, CollageFactory Express provides a powerful editing tool, such as add cool text effect, rotate, adjust size, change background, etc. That is pretty cool to turn photos into collage.  You can download it here.

About how to use CollageFactory Express to make collage, you can visit the tutorial here: Easy Way to Turn Photos into Collage.

The final collage would be like this:
 Choose the way you would like to make collage and delight your friends and family with your creativity.

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Must Have Free Mac App to Make Collage and Greeting Card

If you think $29 is a little bit expensive for an app that you really have no idea if the app can really match your needs as the descriptions it says, don’t worry, now you can get a free version to experience how the mac app works and what amazing job it can do for you.

CollageFactory Express comes with most of the powerful features included in CollageFactory Pro.  The biggest difference between pro version and free version would be the price. CollageFactory Express is totally free with a great number of beautiful templates for many popular events, so it is quite simple and easy to make Christmas card, Valentine’s card, Birthday card, Thanksgiving card, New Year card, and other holiday cards. Yet, as a collage maker, it features three collage layouts – Free style, Grid and Classic, as well as over 30+ collage template.

Let us go through the key features of CollageFactory Express.

40+ greeting card templates
- Christmas Card
- Happy New Year Card
- Thanksgiving Card
- Valentine’s Day Card
- Birthday Card
- Halloween, Easter Day, Wedding, Mother’s Day, and more…

3 different styles of collage layouts and 30+ templates
- Free Style Collage
- Grid Collage
- Classic Collage

More flexible editing function
- Add text on your card and collage
- Customize the background with image, pattern or color
- Apply frame / mask to photo

Enable to save project for further
Export the collage or card to JPEG / PNG / TIFF

You can also go the home page CollageFactory Express or download it from here. Besides, it is available from Mac App Store. Grab the free app and turn your photos into magic art work right now!

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CollageFactory Pro 1.5 Is Released to Easily Make Collage and Greeting Card

If you have ever kept an eye on CollageFactory Pro, then you may notice that there is a major update released by Softease Tech Co., Limited. In the new version 1.5, there are a few great features added in the update. The most amazing one would be the cool text effect. Here list the new updates in the versions 1.5 of CollageFactory Pro

What is new in version 1.5?
- Redesigned text module
- Supported cool effect text
- Supported exporting to iPhoto library
- Fixed some bugs
To free try CollageFactory Pro, you can download from the home page:

The text module is totally redesigned. Comes with an easy to use text editing panel, the Mac card software & collage maker for mac enables users make holiday cards and make collages in a more personal way. You can choose one the text samples to apply to the text to make more charming text effect.

When you access the text effect board, you have two choices to decorate text caption, one is color and another is pattern. In the color mode, you can order whether plain color or gradient. If you choose the later one, you can pick three colors as gradient.
Also, on the setting panel, you can decide the stroke color, width, shadow / glow and adjust other parameters.

There are over 30 pattern styles are available in the pattern mode. You can try one by one before you apply the effect to your text.
The mac card software & collage maker also supports blank template to make holiday cards or make collages. You can totally design your collage or holiday card.
After you finishing making card or collage, you can directly export to iPhoto library. It is the new feature in the version 1.5.

There are two ways you can check out the mac card software & collage maker. Go to Softease website and download the free trial from here: Or you can go to Mac App StoreAs a blend of mac photo collage maker and greeting card maker, CollageFactory Pro has lots of effects and templates that will transform photos into amazing collage or magical photo greeting card. Also, it is a nice choice to make scrapbook, poster, invitation, and more.

Is it a good idea to turn best photo of your fond memories into cool photo collages or fabulous greeting cards? It is also a great way to share your happiness to your friends and family.

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Color Splash Pro Is Released for Free to Splash Color on Photo

Color Splash Pro, an easy to use app running on Mac, is special designed for splash of color by converting photos into grayscale. Nowadays, Softease releases this cool software for people to splash color on photo. One day after debuted on App Store, Color Splash Pro ranked as the FIRST in Top free photography apps.

Go to visit Color Splash Pro:

There are many ways to help you reach your goal when you want to do something, while in the past you have to do much more comprehensive and difficult things. For example, when comes to retouching photo, people would always think this is the professional skill that requires special expertise. The powerful photo editing software, PhotoShop is known to be a great tool to turn photo into amazing art work.

However, most people have to learn a while to master how this photo editing software works. Is it there any easier and fast way to help turn photo cool if you just want to splash color? Or want to splash of color to black & white? Off course! That is why modern technology exists. Modern life is becoming much more convenient and easier with the advanced technology.

What is Color Splash Pro?

Color Splash Pro is designed to make people life easy and funny. With Color Splash Pro you can splash of color effortlessly. Only couples of clicks, a normal photo can be tuned to black & white, or with specific parts of photo colored, while leaving others grayscale. You will find your photo immediately becomes vibrant when you highlight the certain objective with color when contrast to others.

Color Splash Pro is available on Mac App Store:

When you want to emphasize specific objects, you can splash color on them and turn the left parts grayscale. The areas splash of color are compared to the gray ones, that would be give people a strong visual affect. It is quite easy to impress and grab people’s attention.

Key Features:
- Automatic turn photo into grayscale
- Splash color in rectangle, ellipse or brush
- Splash back specific parts to grayscale
- Adjust brush size
- Zoom in / out photo
- Compare original and splashed photo
- Export photo in JPG / PNG / TIFF formats

Color Splash Online Help:

Color Splash Pro only can be free downloaded on Mac App Store. It won’t occupy too much your computer space, as it weighs only 0.7 MB. Grab and have it to make splash of color and turn your photos into cool masterpiece. Once you finish your photo splash, just share it to your friends and family.

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72 Hours Giveaway of iGreetingCard – Make Free Greeting Cards

Christmas is almost here! Are you ready for this important event? Now to get into the holiday spirit, Softease releases a time limited giveaway for iGreetingCard for Windows, which will be available for 72 hours. This would be a nice Christmas gift to express thanks for users’ long time support and confidence. During the giveaway period, anyone can free grab the holiday greeting card maker, which regularly costs $19.99 for a single license.

Go to giveaway page:

With iGreetingCard, you can use your own photos to make holiday ecards, such as for the coming Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthday, and other popular holidays and events. Only four steps, choose a suitable template base on your theme, drag photo into frame, edit photo by rotating, resizing, finally save and send out. See how easy is it to create holiday photo cards.

Of course, you can do more than this to make a personalized and stunning holiday greeting card.  To highlight your card, you can add emotional holiday wishes via typing down the words you want to say to the recipient. There are over 80 frames, 300+ cliparts and embellishments, 50+ mask effects for you to customize your holiday photo cards. Besides the built-in templates, approximately 80, you can freely make your own style and design for your holiday greeting card.

There is no limited to make your featured greeting card. Grab the opportunity to get this free card maker. Just image the exciting and happy faces when those who receive your holiday greeting card in this holiday season. It is a great way to express your emotion and greeting to those who you love. So, why not get started and send your holiday ecards?

Make Christmas cards before Christmas coming! Softease announces a giveaway for iGreetingCard. It is specially designed to help make holiday greeting cards. This giveaway will be available for 72 hours.

How to get iGreetingCard for Window for free

1. Download iGreetingCard for Windows in your computer.
2. Fill your email address in the following form.
3. Activate iGreetingCard for Windows with keycode.

Free download iGreetingCard for Windows:

There are days before Christmas coming, if you haven’t got any good gift ideas for friends and family, just make them Christmas cards to warm their hearts.

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Softease Offers Supper Christmas Bundle and Special Coupon to Celebrate Holiday Season

Softease is happy to release supper Christmas bundle and special coupon to celebrate this holiday season. Both Mac users and Windows users are involved to get special as Christmas gift.

Christmas, one of holidays we are most excited and look forward to is almost here with the coming of December. To celebrate this festival big event, Softease launches a one month long special offer. In this super Christmas pack, there are two bundles included, including CollageFactory + PhotoMagic for Mac and Collage Maker + iGreetingCard + PhotoMagic for Windows.

What is the supper Christmas pack?

Mac User: CollageFactory + PhotoMagic

CollageFactory is a combination of Photo collages software and photo greeting card software to make collage and holiday card. With 5 collage layouts and 50 + collage templates, it enables to make collage effortlessly and variously. Besides, comes with a large number of templates, CollagFactory lets people make photo greeting card for many popular holidays and events, like Christmas card, Halloween card, birthday card, Thanksgiving card, and more.


PhotoMagic is a well-designed photo enhancement software. It features amazing photographic effects, including 70+ fantastic photo effects, 90+ amazing lighting effects and 90+ well-designed frames. Basic photo editing function, such as crop, rotate, filp are included.

For Window Users: Collage Maker + iGreetingCard +PhotoMagic

Now the supper Christmas pack will allow windows users to make collage, photo greeting card and improve photo. Only $25, you can get the three pieces of software at a very low price.

Double Christmas gift

Softease offers $5 coupon during the Christmas activity. During Christmas promotion period, every order will generate a special coupon, valuing $5. Customers can use the coupon to buy any product provided on Softease Website in the next purchase. Or they have choice of giving friends or other people the couple.

Special offer will be available for a month. It is a nice deal to get useful software as Christmas gift. Enjoy yourself in this happy holiday season with Softease.

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How to Use PhotoMagic to Decorate Photo with Different Effect

I like to take photos and capture the wonderful and happy time with friends and family. It is a great way to memorize important moments, as well as enjoyable hour life. So there are tons of photos in my MacBook. Just like other big fan of photography, I always stick out to find something easy and excellent apps to make collages, make greeting card or enhance photos with some amazing effects, like lighting, filter or frame, and more.

Today, I discover one to enhance and design photo with some charming effects. PhotoMagic is specially designed for Mac users to make unique and special effects. It doesn’t require much photography experience like Phothshop or other sophisticated software, so that photography beginner can quickly master it to make effects and design photo in individual style.

Now I will show you how to use PhotoMagic to begin a magic tour. Only three steps, a cool and attractive art work.

Step1. Download the app from Mac App Store and launch it. You can see an intuitive and cool interface.

Step2. Load photo from image file by clicking the button bottom left the window “”. Choose the photo you want to make effects.

Step3 Decorate effects onto your photo. Here there are main three catalogues, which include filter effects, lighting effects and frame & border styles. Just pick the ones you would are into from each of the collection. Over 90 effects are available.

Add filter effect                        Appy lighting effect            Pick a frame

The final effect is listed below. If you are not satisfied with the effects, you can adjust to the perfect situation and then export out.

See how easy to make a cool and awesome photo with this PhotoMagic. Share your artwork with friends and family.

More tips and detail about how to beautify photo with such charming effects, go to the PhotoMagic Online Help



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Thoughts Come from a Special Photo

Have you ever seen a photo or poster that you wanted it to belong to you? There is no word can describe how much you are astonished when you see it. It is such gorgeous, beautiful and comfortable. Yet, here I want to show you all a photo that brings me the same feeling I mentioned above.

Tell me what you think at your first sight looking at the picture. Don’t you think it is art work? I am the kind of people who are crazy about old things, especially for something in re-do style. When I first look at the picture, I totally love it. It is like a canvas. The building in the photo just like someone drew on it. You can image the how the old days are back to year ago. It is such harmonious that I can feel the real peace in the bottom of my heart.

You may think it was pictured by a professional photographer or an art work created by a talent artist. Yet, what if I tell you it is simply made with a photo editor, your face must appear a surprise facial.

The true is that such amazing picture is created by a Mac photo editor named PhotoMagic. It is designed to enhance photo with different styles and effects.

It features a variety of photo effects, including lighting effects, natural lighting, color effects and Blur, Hue, Color Blur, Charcoal, Classic filter effects, Modern lens flares, etc. You can easily change the picture style by applying the favorite effects on it All you need is to think about what you want your photo to present, dreamlike, charming, elegant, modern, nostalgia or anything else.

Below are the simples I made with PhotoMagic. If you want to experience how this wonderful app is, go to the Mac App Store and install on your Mac to make fantastic photos.

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Can You Feel My Heart? Warm Greeting for You

What to give out as your special one’s birthday gift or any other memorial days always get stuck between lovers. They want something special and unique to express the true and deep love for each other.  What would be the best gift that make the one you love fee your heart?

Now you can take a look at this article teaching you how to make the impressive yet meaningful gift with iGreetingCard. First install the iGreetingCard on your Mac from the App Store.

You must have capture dall the wonderful memories of you and your loved one and showcase them inside your very own custom designed frame featuring your names alone!

1. Choose a romantic template from the large collection.

2. Pick the picture that has the special meaning for both of your two, like the first kiss, the first present or any other more. And then drag and drop to the frame. Resize, rotate, zoom in/out to edit photo to the perfect situation.

3. Put text, elements on the e-card. If this is for birthday usage, you can type, Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart. You can design the greeting card in your way, like apply mask for photo and clipart, add frame and more.

4. Frame the elaborate card. When you are satisfied with the greeting card, export out.

I am sure when you take out the gift to your significant,  you will get reward with a big and enthusiastic hug.

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