Control Your Mac with Gestures

Have you ever imaged one day when we can totally control things around us just easily using your fingers? That may sounds like the satuation in the movie “Harry Potter”, in which the characters can simply moving a desk, book or anything they want to another place by using their hands. What a miracle it is!

Coming back to the practise, there is indeed no such incredible magic in life. However, does it mean all is impossible to make it come turn? Humen’ creativity is unlimited! According to a article from 9tomac, we can finger out something similar to this idea.

We all know there will be a day when the mouse and keyboard will become obsolete, but many think that day is far off. However, that day just might be here with a new project called “LEAP” developed by parent company Leap Motion, allows you to control your computer by only using your hand. It is a little hardware box as small as a stack of playing cards that sits in front of the computer monitor and tracks your hands’ motions. This is great while playing a game or even browsing the Web.

The technology is very similar to Microsoft’s popular Kinect platform, which allows Xbox 360 and Windows PC owners to get active with their entertainment. Kinect has sold very well since its introduction in 2010, with a slew of games and apps that interact with the technology very well. Microsoft also makes the Kinect’s source code available for those willing to tinker with the code.

Pretty damn cool the news is! I would prefer face tracking for some neat gestures, like shift, switch tabs, you name it, which is also able to recognise facial expressions. It seems very interesting!! Do you want to have a go at that?


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