Always Keep Moving to Do the Best – Improvements for Collage Maker

It has been a few days since Softease updated Collage Maker to version 2.2, along with the fantastic feature of style background. Now, Softease again announces an update for Collage Maker, which is version 2.2.1. Some improvements and bugs have been added to make Collage Maker more flexible and effective.

Collage Maker is professionally designed by Softease Technology, aiming to help Mac users easily turn digital photos into different shapes of collages: Free style, Grid, Heart, Circular, Grid and Focus. There is no other tool easier than Collage Maker to make photo collages like this in a short time. No special and professional computer skill and graphic editing experience necessary.


Collage Maker features a neat and intuitive interface. It is easy to get started. Only three steps, a cool and unique collage is done. First, choose a template from the six as the layout. Of cause, this is also available to change the template when collage is in proceeding. Second, input the photos you want to make collage. Lastly, export collage and share with friends and family on facebook, frlick or via email.

This update enhances the performances of Collage Maker and increase the efficiency. The specific update information as below:
- Fixed some bugs
- Fixed memory leak

With the latest version of Collage Maker, users can experience the fluent performance.
The quality of exported collages has been improved. Download the latest version of Collage Maker to make your own collages, experiencing the new features and improvements. It is free to update to the new version for those who already installed Collage Maker on their Mac.

Free to get Collage Maker:!/softeasesk=app_213173445359798

Turning digital photos into cool collage is a funny way to store the memorial moments.
Sending the unique collage to your friends and family far away by would be an effective way to prompt your relationship. Those who receive your collage will definite be happy and recall the happy hours shared with you.

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